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AJP slams Palaszczuk Govt track announcement

The Animal Justice Party (AJP) is calling on the Queensland Palaszczuk Government to reverse its decision this week to approve a new greyhound racing track near Ipswich. The Racing Minister Grace Grace announced the decision, which will waste $39.15M of taxpayer's money to prop up the cruel industry. The AJP opposes the development of the track, and greyhound racing, and supports local activists expressing their disgust in the prospect of systemic greyhound cruelty having a permanent home in Ipswich. On 19 March 2022 the AJP proudly stood side-by-side with local community groups to oppose the track and only recently met with other greyhound advocates. The Queensland Government's shocking decision comes only one day after TasRacing was accused of covering up greyhound racing injuries.

The Palaszczuk Government is warned to expect community outrage. AJP Sunshine Coast Regional Group Leader, Sally Milne, expressed the AJP's stance: "No track is safe. There will be serious injuries and deaths on this track, just as there are elsewhere in this cruel industry. And yet another track will exacerbate the continued overbreeding. With rescue and rehoming organisations already so overstretched that they have closed their books and cannot save any more, more dogs will be euthanised at the end of their racing career through no fault of their own. This new track will be an embarrassment for Queensland across the globe, not an attraction for global audiences. There's good reasons for why so many other countries have banned the industry."

Milne herself has a rescued greyhound and says he was instrumental to her understanding the issues involved with greyhound racing. "Huey is one of the lucky ones who was rehomed before rescue organisations became too overwhelmed. He is my 'heart' dog. Like most greyhounds, he is the sweetest, gentlest being. He volunteers as a therapy pet visiting cancer patients. There is no way he would ever have chosen to race. It's heartbreaking to know that so many dogs just like Huey didn't make it through the racing industry alive and will never enjoy the pet life they deserve."

The AJP seeks to elect councilors and MPs who are committed to protecting greyhounds and other animals.

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