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AJP walks with the hounds

Sunshine Coast AJP members attended a "Meet the Hounds Hands On Experience" run by greyhound adoption group Friends Of The Hound (FOTH). Sunshine Coast Regional Group Leader Sally Milne said "There were 29 hounds in attendance yet not a single fight. Just goes to show what beautiful, placid, amazing beings they are, each with their own quirks and personalities. None of them deserved to be forced into the racing industry."

The event included a walk along the water with the hounds plus a short talk by a FOTH spokesperson that made it clear that foster carers are overwhelmed while overbreeding continues. "Private rescues have long been a band aid solution for the greyhound industry, rehoming more dogs than industry funded adoption groups. Greyhound rescues, like all pet rescues at the moment, are in crisis. The consequences for greyhounds are dire."

Greyhound racing came under increased scrutiny in Queensland after proof of systemic cruelty and live baiting of animals. In addition, greyhounds are injured and killed regularly at Queensland tracks during races.

The Animal Justice Party (AJP) opposes greyhound racing and believes the industry can never be safely regulated, as explained in the Party Policy. The AJP calls on the Queensland Government to financially support animal rescues and adoption groups and be brave enough to end exploitative animal racing.

AJP Members attending the walkFun by the waterside

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