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AJP supporters urged to have a say on live exports

Back in May 2022, the Albanese Labor government was elected with a promise to end the live sheep export trade. While this news was welcome, both the Prime Minister and Agriculture Minister have said that they do not envisage the trade ending before 2025, so it will most likely be in the government's second three-year term - that’s if they are re-elected. From an ethical standpoint, it is simply unacceptable to let millions of animals continue to be subjected to treacherous shipping journeys and brutal slaughter for at least 2 more years.

To make matters worse, most live export ships leave Australia without an independent observer on board to monitor compliance with animal welfare standards.

The live export industry and its lobbyists are pressuring the government into watering down its election promise. That's why the Animal Justice Party is calling on all concerned parties - including YOU - to:

We need to hold the government accountable for their promises, and hasten the end of the suffering. We know that public pressure works, because animal advocates successfully campaigned for a ban on exporting sheep to the Middle East during the hottest three months of the year.

Please do what you can to protect and honour the lives of Australia's sheep. They are sentient, sensitive beings who deserve to live in peace!

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