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AJP demands crackdown on dog baiting

The Animal Justice Party (AJP) is horrified and disgusted by the news that 5 dogs have died from poison baits along the Sunshine Coast.

Billy the Beagle, Sophie the Staffy-cross, and Pepper the Golden Labrador were among the victims. Our hearts are with the grieving families, hardworking veterinarians and innocent victims during this tragic time.

A spokesperson for the AJP said "This is a real tragedy. But it's a reminder that there are sickos out there willing to inflict harm and violence in our community. There must be an adequate law enforcement response and, hopefully, we can catch the people who did this."

Police are investigating reports that communal drinking bowls might have been contaminated.

The AJP urges the authorities to ensure the perpetrator/s receive sufficient reprimand and are imprisoned for their cruel actions. The AJP campaigns for the interest of animals including ending animal cruelty and imprisoning violent offenders.

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