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Committee vacancies

The Queensland Committee is looking for 4 new members to come onboard and progress the AJP's mission in our state. QldCom's role is to manage the day-to-day operations of the state branch and provide strategic leadership while achieving national goals. Its current members are listed here.

The vacancies arise with the recent departures of Darryl Prout (Treasurer) and Pamela Mariko (Media Officer). State Convenor Lindon Cox asked members to join the team "saying a huge thank you" to them both. "Pamela did lots of amazing work getting AJP seen all over the state on billboards and radio (a very first!) and is staying on as a Delegate and recently advised she will be helping with letters to the editor on greyhounds and other issues. Darryl our Treasurer and Party Agent kept us on budget, across the figures and compliant with all the finance rules. Darryl is super busy with paid work and lucky for us is also staying on as a Delegate." Delegates are voting members, chosen by Queensland members to vote on issues and select committees and the Board.

The Queensland Committee can have up to 9 members, meaning up to 4 positions are vacant.

Deputy Convenor Dominique Thiriet said the team is welcoming and looking for someone to take the initiative and learn on the job. "We are really hoping more passionate members will join the committee. Skills are great but that drive and reliability is our number one focus. The rest you can learn on the job."

The team hopes to find a money-savvy member to join as Treasurer and Party Agent, who will monitor the finances and give periodic updates to stakeholders. The remaining positions are 'Ordinary Members' who may specialise in social media, marketing, media and PR, IT, and membership management.

Efforts are being undertaken to find and recruit members across the state in a variety of roles, large and small. If members are interested in joining the Queensland Committee they may also send a query to State Secretary Paula Gilbard via email [email protected].

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