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AJP's commitment to Equality; candidates' resignation

The mission of the Animal Justice Party (AJP) is to secure the interests of animals and nature through Australia’s democratic institutions of government. Supporting our ideology of animal rights and the rights of nature are AJP’s Core Values: Kindness, Equality, Rationality, and Nonviolence. As an organisation, we also have a duty of care to create a safe and tolerant space for AJP members and supporters to advocate for our non-human friends.

Recently, there were AJP candidates who used their personal social media platform to express their views on some transgender issues in a way which we believe was not in line with the AJP’s Core Values. When it became clear that differences were irreconcilable, the candidates resigned from the AJP and are no longer members. The AJP unreservedly apologises for any offence this matter has caused.

As nominations have closed and the Australian Electoral Commission is printing the ballot papers, there is no process available to remove their names from the ballot. So while ‘Animal Justice Party’ will appear on the ballot, if they are not on our list of candidates they are not AJP members or candidates.

The AJP recently announced its new Gender Equality Position which recognises and celebrates the substantive contributions and achievements of women and gender-diverse persons. We are confident that this binding position will help AJP members, candidates and supporters work towards a society where all people are affirmed and valued.

AJP Queensland remains focused on the election and the opportunity it provides to effect real and positive change for animals and the myriad of abuses they face: factory farming, land clearing, climate change, extinction, animal cruelty, live exports …and sadly, the list goes on. Our current team of candidates are kind and compassionate voices, dedicated to the only political party in Australia committed to standing up for animals in parliament.

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