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AJP National Rally to Ban Live Export

The Animal Justice Party held coordinated actions across the country over the weekend, with Brisbane and Townsville members taking to the streets on Saturday 30 April, and the other States following suit on Sunday 1 May, to demand an end to live export.

The AJP sees the level of disregard by the live export industry for the lives and wellbeing of human and non-human animals as socially unacceptable. As heard from Paula Gilbard, our AJP candidate for Longman, “the boats are not [even] fit for purpose.”

Many “are converted oil tankers and container ships.” “The stocking density is so high, the animals don’t have enough room to sit down” and they “face difficulty accessing food”.

One vet is allocated to up to 70,000 animals on a voyage and no vets have traveled in the last 18 months due to Covid-19”.

The live export industry has no social license. As we head into our Federal Election, it’s important that we organise and make our voices heard. It is long overdue that the Federal Government places the interests of animals, and the demands of the majority of Australians, over vested interests.

Along with the majority of Australians, the AJP opposes the commercial export, whether by sea or air, of live animals and is working hard, alongside other animal protection groups and the community at large, to achieve an immediate ban on commercial live animal export.

To the animals trapped in the commercial live export industry, we see you, we are sorry, and we will keep fighting until this abhorrent industry is abolished.

AJP National Rally to Ban Live Export - Brisbane

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