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AJP statewide action against live exports

The Animal Justice Party hosted synchronised vigils in Townsville, Brisbane, the Gold Coast and the Sunshine Coast on 7 April, calling on the Federal Government to ban the live export of sheep, cows, goats and other animals.

Senate Candidate for the Animal Justice Party, Mackenzie Severns said that animals subjected to live export suffer unspeakable conditions and are exposed to extreme weather, heat stress, overcrowding, disease, and appalling handling and slaughter practices at their point of destination.

“For years, Australians have been voicing their opposition to live animal exports, but governments aren’t listening. With an election just around the corner, we want to remind the LNP and the Labor Party that we cannot continue to allow animals to be treated in such a horrendous way”, Mackenzie warned. “We’re calling on both major parties to disclose their policies on live export now” she said.

The AJP opposes the commercial export by sea or air, of live animals. In addition to advocating for an immediate ban on commercial live animal export, the AJP would support the transition of live export workers into industries that are humane, ethical, as well as environmentally and economically sustainable.

Listen to Mackenzie's inspiring speech here


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