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Volunteers - We Need You!

Being an AJP volunteer gives you a fantastic opportunity to put your passion for animals into action and work alongside other fun, diverse and inspiring volunteers who are advocating for animals!

There are many exciting roles available, including helping at market stalls, with social media and organising events, as well as leadership roles. During election time, we also need lots of volunteers to hand out How To Vote cards at voting centres on pre-polling and polling days. This is a great way to engage with thousands of people and asking them to Vote 1 for positive change for animals. Handing out How to Vote Cards significantly increases the number of votes we receive, and the more votes we receive, the greater our chance of making legislative changes for animals. 

Please complete the volunteer sign up form on this page and our Volunteer Manager will contact you.

The most effective and rapid way to achieve change for animals is through the Australian parliamentary system and changing legislation. As a volunteer, you will play an instrumental role in making that happen.

*Information supplied to AJP is strictly confidential and will only be used for administrative purposes. AJP is committed to safeguarding the privacy of all volunteers.

Will you volunteer?