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Susan Woodbury

Candidate for Sunshine Coast - Division 7

The Animal Justice Party proudly announces Susan Woodbury as your local government election candidate for Sunshine Coast (Divison 7).

Having recently relocated to the beautiful Sunshine Coast, Susan's greatest asset is her lifetime of lived experience and commonsense. Sue understands that a society which justifies animal cruelty is one that will also justify human cruelty, as the two are inexplicably linked. This interconnectedness is at the heart of Sue's dedication to improving our local community - she wants to ensure that the unique yet linked needs of our animals, environment and local community are considered front and foremost in local government decision-making.

When elected, Sue is committed to increasing community and NGO participation in this decision-making process. She wants to see an end to the big industry lobby groups that currently wield power over council decisions, which is ultimately disregarding the concerns and innovative ideas that matter most to local people and organisations.

“We need to challenge traditional ideas and beliefs, think outside the square, embrace new technologies and products, and accept some uncomfortable truths and solutions if we want true reform.”

Sue is a passionate advocate for all issues concerning animals, homelessness (particularly for older women) and the human impact on our environment. She is proud to be running as councillor for the Animal Justice Party, as the only political party dedicated to policies which reflect Sue's core values: Kindness, Equality, Rationality and Non-violence.