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Stop Animal Poisoning

Australia is one of only a small number of countries around the world that still allows for the use of inhumane poisons to control animal populations. These extremely poisonous substances, such as 1080 and Pindone, are designed to appeal to animals but cause a prolonged period of suffering that includes uncontrollable vomiting, shaking, screaming fits and seizures followed by death. Animals including dingoes, rabbits, dogs, cats, and farmed, introduced and native species fall victim to these poisonous baits and their inhumane consequences.

The federal government wants to make access to agricultural and veterinary chemicals, including poisons, easier. But the use of these chemicals should require stricter and tighter control. Animals deserve protection from suffering, and species decline and environmental damage are accelerated by chemical baits and poisons.

There is never a justification to cause pain, suffering or death in the management of animal populations. We reject these inhumane practises. The Animal Justice Party’s policies focus on non-lethal, humane, preventative and species-specific tactics.

Over two hundred years of destructive human activity, including the use of poisons, has caused major damage to ecosystems. This has made it much easier for introduced animals to fill the habitats where native animals once flourished. The balance of native wildlife must be restored. 

Please sign our campaign to ban the importation of the poison used in 1080 baits and make their use illegal in Australia, and to call for investment in research and pilot programs for humane biological population control methods for introduced animals such as wild horses, cats and foxes.

Stop Animal Poisoning

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