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Lisa Meadows

Candidate for Fraser Coast - Division 7

As a person who truly 'walks the talk', the Animal Justice Party is proud to announce Lisa Meadows as your local government election candidate for Fraser Coast (Division 7).

Lisa holds a degree in science and is currently studying law, with the aim of specialising in animal law in the future. A natural conversationalist, Lisa is genuinely interested in listening to her local community on what they love most, and what they would change if they could.Having travelled Australia extensively, Lisa understands firsthand the concerns and opportunities facing coastal and their surrounding communities. There are opportunities for people to live in many ways together and in harmony with animals and the majestic natural surroundings, which requires biodiversity-sensitive urban design (BSUD), transport and infrastructure, while stopping urban sprawl.

Lisa sees dingoes as a valuable part of the ecosystem and is passionate about protecting dingoes, creating more habitat, and banning 1080. Whilst The World Heritage listed Fraser Island National Park provides dingo habitat, it gives them inadequate protection from well-meaning but ill-informed tourists. who don’t fully understand the difference between wild dingoes and domestic dogs.

Without representation dedicated to animal and environment protection in Local Government, cruelty, abuse and exploitation can go unchecked. That is way Lisa is running for election, with the noble aim of restoring and repairing our relationship between people, animals, and planet one step at a time.