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Lisa Findlay

Candidate for Gold Coast - Division 1

With over 10 years of managerial, budget, planning, research and communication experience, combined with a stong calling to ensure that animals, people and the enviroment are equally represented in government, the Animal Justice Party is proud to announce Lisa Findlay as their Division 1 Candidate for this coming election on the Gold Coast.

Lisa’s advocacy work with animals, charities and community groups led to her decision to nominate for Division 1, as she believes without adequate representation for animals, the very loopholes and laws that permit animal cruelty to occur, would continue to be ignored.

Lisa believes that to create a substantial impact within the political space, the community requires a voice that is prepared to represent animals, people and the environment equally. She aims to push for updates to outdated animal welfare policies & plans, for grants, funding and development programs to address problems at the source, and for Local and State Government decision-making to consider and address the unique needs of each individual area and being.

"I believe it is time to start thinking outside of the box and to start asking some serious questions. More than ever, our community needs relief, our animals need to be seen, and our home needs protecting. It is time to allow those who fund this community the opportunity to decide what its own priorties are".

"When we stand together, we win".