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Gregory Dillon

Candidate for Moreton Bay City - Division 2

Gregory Dillon is a lifelong member of the Moreton Bay community, and is proud to represent the Animal Justice Party in the upcoming local government elections.

Greg has a Bachelor of Science, majoring in genetics, and made the decision to withdraw from his Master’s degree when he learned the way that animals are treated in research. Since this time, Gregory has become a staunch advocate against animal experimentation.

Greg knows that in addition to the inherent cruelty, factory farms pose significant biosecurity risks to local communities and the natural habitat and wildlife. Phasing them out with the support of local government initiatives, grants, and town planning - will prevent rather than manage, many infectious disease threats to humans, animals, and wildlife. It will also reduce the risks of new diseases emerging and provide the opportunity for healthy plant-based alternatives.

In his spare time, Greg volunteers for Orange Sky Australia - an organisation that positively connects with people experiencing homelessness through free laundry, showers, and conversations. If elected, he will work towards and support more animal-friendly accommodation, refuges, and crisis centres, so that people aren’t forced to stay in unsafe situations for fear of being forced to abandon their beloved companions.

Greg is passionate about protecting the natural environment and animals in the Moreton Bay council area, this includes the significant koala habitat in the area, which lacks sufficient safe road crossings and signage. Likewise, the Lakeside Raceway, right next to Lake Kurwongbah, is disruptive and damaging to wildlife. Limiting the noise of cars, reducing the number of events, and track days, will have a positive impact for animals, people within the community, and the environment.