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Benjamin Theakstone

Candidate for Gold Coast - Division 14

Benjamin Theakstone is standing as your Gold Coast candidate (Division 14) in the March 2024 Local Government elections. Having lived on the Gold Coast for 8 years, Benjamin currently works in Information Technology within a company passionate about the environment, sustainability, waste reduction and recycling. In his spare time, Ben is an advocate for animals, people, and the planet, regularly volunteering at local community educational events, protests, and rallies.

Ben is dedicated to being a voice for the animals, environment, and the Gold Coast community. If elected, he is committed to ensuring that council operates ethically - making decisions based on the local community's needs.

Ben believes that when the local community stands together and is heard by elected councillors regarding what matters most over profit, entertainment, and greed; not only does our community benefit, but we also set an example one council at a time - ultimately progressing towards state and federal legislative reform to end the feedback loophole of exploitation through councils “as of rights” clause.

Ben knows that the breeding and sale of animals is poorly regulated, and is passionate about ending intensive breeding of companion animals. Ben understands that the local community loves their companion animals, be they dogs, cats, birds, reptilian or aquatic, and councils should take this into consideration when developing local laws.

Recognising that the pound and shelter system is currently in crisis, Ben believes that Local Governments must play their part in regulating 'registered breeders' and permits. Further, that Local Governments should actively support and fund initiatives which alleviate the pressure on animal shelters and rescue groups, to ensure that all animals can find their 'furever' home.