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Pamela Mariko, Committee Member

Pamela Mariko has lived on the Sunshine Coast for twenty plus years: the beautiful home of the Kabi Kabi and the Jinibara peoples. An AJP member for ten years, Pamela is passionate about animal ethics, the environment, and human to human cooperation. She has a varied background in business: the financial services industry, project marketing, and as a freelance travel and property writer, for both national media and industry journals. She is also an author. Pamela has been a yoga teacher for thirty-five years. The yoga philosophy of AHIMSA, non-injury to living beings, is for her, in line with AJP policies. Pamela ran for Council with AJP in March 2020, and for State in October 2020. She is now a Delegate and Committee member with responsibility for liaising with the media.