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Protect Australian Icons

Kangaroos and koalas are some of Australia’s most beloved and internationally recognised animals. They are found only in Australia but unless there is significant intervention by the government, the koala is on track to be extinct by 2050 and the kangaroo is struggling to survive after 200 years of being hunted and killed as a ‘pest’.

These animals lose their homes and are often killed by extensive land clearing for agriculture, forestry and urban development. We also know that in the recent Black Summer bushfires, which were made more severe by the climate crisis, kangaroos and koalas perished in the hundreds of thousands. 

A 2014 study suggests koala tourism could now be worth as much as A$3.2 billion to the Australian economy and account for up to 30,000 jobs. Yet human destruction of their environment is pushing our beloved icons to extinction.

Kangaroos and koalas deserve safety from harm by humans. We will stand up for these unique, beloved animals.

Please sign to join our call to: 

  1. Stop the commercial slaughter of kangaroos and demand a ban on the export of skins, furs and meat. 
  2. Demand the Federal Minister for the Environment to work with state and territory ministers to identify and protect high conservation value koala habitat. 

By signing, your support is registered and will be presented to the relevant State & Federal Ministers by our campaign team, and we'll keep you notified of any updates in Qld on Koala and Kangaroo issues. 

Protect Australian Icons

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