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Donate to the next Local Government Elections

Your contribution helps us fight for animals

Contesting elections is a costly exercise when you factor in campaigning costs, advertising costs and printing and we rely on regular donations to be able to run. Your generosity has helped us increase our vote in previous elections and this puts pressure on the major parties to make positive legislative changes for animals.

We'll be putting everything into getting an Animal Justice Party candidate elected at the next Local Government Elections in Queensland. Can you chip in to cover some of the costs? The more funds we have behind our campaign the more we can do to get the AJP name out there and the greater our chances of getting elected!

Donation Information

Donations to our Local Government Election Campaign account are subject to the following conditions:

  • Donations over $500 within a 6-month period must be disclosed to the Electoral Commission Queensland.
  • Queensland law bans political donations from property developers and industry bodies that have property developers as the majority of their members. It is illegal to make or accept these prohibited donations. By donating, you confirm that you are not a prohibited donor under the Electoral Act. Serious penalties apply to both the donor and recipient, including financial penalties or imprisonment for breaching this ban.
  • Anonymous donations and overseas donations are also not permitted.
  • Further information on political donations and disclosure is on the Queensland Electoral Commission website.

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